iAmConfidence is uniquely designed to promote confidence in children, youth and young adults. Through this unique program, we offer exciting interactive sessions, intensive workshops, seminars and life-changing conferences. 

Why iAmConfidence?

Self-esteem plays a significant part in healthy children. Kids with high self-esteem tend to excel in life, whereas a child’s low self-esteem may contribute to poor performance an no confidence at all. 

Parents’ Role

As a parent/guardian, building your child’s self-esteem is your greatest responsibility. You can do the utmost to help your kid feel confident and knowledgeable. Children with high self-esteem have the motivation to pursue new things, build new skills and be proud of their achievements. They also have the emotional capacity to overcome a lack of success and the determination to try again. 

So let’s begin a confidence journey that starts with Strength. Education. Love. Fearlessness (S.E.L.F.)