About Michelle Limes

Michelle Limes knows all too well how easy it is “to get lost” in life. Women easily lose themselves in caring and focusing on others too much, and they neglect themselves. As a mother, wife, pastor, and mentor Michelle Limes had to refocus her attention to herself so she could soulfully give to others. Her name says it all… Michelle Limes, and she has mastered the art of taking the bitter with the sweet. She calls it “Lime-aids.” In this community women will be healed, enlightened, and rejuvenated… because it is all about finally putting H.E.R. first!

Michelle is the CEO of Agape Enrichment Early Learning Academy and the founder of  Imagine Performing Arts Program;  iAmConfidence™ youth empowerment initiative, and The Journey of Womanhood ™.  Additionally, Michelle coaches women to positively take the bitter with sweet as they evolve into the woman God has created them to be. Simply put, her life mission is to help women heal and break generational cycles.

Michelle is committed to sharing God’s word with clarity and simplicity. She serves alongside her husband, Pastor R. Limes, at City of David of Ministries, of Forestville, MD. 

She is a survivor of alcoholism, cancer and depression. Nevertheless, she courageously stands on Psalm 91.1. She confidently professes God as her single source of faith, healing, peace, and strength.

Michelle is a proud Washingtonian and is the mother of three beautiful children, Marcus, Aaron, and Ashlee. She also has one diva-in-training granddaughter, Maya. 

When Michelle  isn’t serving others, she enjoys cooking some of her favorite dishes, [chicken lasagna and banana pudding]. She also enjoys retail therapy, developing curriculums for her enrichment center and excursions into metropolitan DC. Most importantly, she loves spending time with her family and listening to R&B classics.

Michelle’s guiding principles are love, respect and integrity. Her mantra is, there is freedom  in knowing who you are!