“There’s nothing more powerful than knowing who you are...
It is true liberation!”


“There’s nothing more powerful than knowing who you are...
It is true liberation!”

Getting Back to Me Motivational Moments: Balance. Fun. Selfish-Care ™


Let’s Journey Together...

Michelle Limes understands the importance of community, genuine support, and the necessity of knowledgeable insight. Undoubtedly, life’s uncertainties will cause us to question ourselves, our decisions, our loved-ones, and God. Whether we’re balancing:

  • family
  • a demanding career
  • an unkind boss
  • a child with special needs
  • aging parents
  • menopause
  • men-on-pause (whew chile) OR
  • life after divorce…

This virtual space is designated for women who’ve realized we can achieve more, attain more, and simply accept more (or less when necessary) together on this journey of womanhood.

Let’s create our own unique paths that lead to peace, rest, contentment, and total victory! Ladies, it is time for us to extend to ourselves what we’ve freely extended to others-grace! We must grant ourselves the grace to renew, rejuvenate, forgive (thyself), move forward, and to truly live again!

Our community is founded on three guiding principles: acceptance, grace, and hope.

I can’t wait to begin this exciting journey of womanhood together!

Author. Entrepreneur. Motivational Speaker.

Browse the list below and ponder ways to selfishly care for you:

  • Make yourself a priority, just say NO!
  • Flaunt your curves, buy the swimsuit and a wrap, and head to the beach. Don’t forget your umbrella, floppy hat, and big shades! 
  • Purchase an annual membership to a spa for two massages a month. You’re worth it!
  • Schedule your own tea time at your favorite spot.
  • Plan and take an unforgettable  girls trip. Life is full of adventures… explore them!